About Us

Center for Sustainable Development

Centre for Sustainable Development, CFSD, a non-profit organization, is registered under the Society`s registration act 1860 (Society Registration no: Maha 115 / 04 / Nagpur) and Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 [Trust Registration no: F-20854(Nagpur)].

The organization was started in the year 2004, with a vision to facilitate participatory and sustainable development processes that would make human settlements equitable living environments.

Mission Statement: "To develop human settlements into equitable living environment where the community has access to health, education, housing, basic infrastructure and livelihood options irrespective of their social and economic status."

CFSD Supports an integrated development approach for the improvement of living conditions in the slums by convergence of various local initiatives, national and regional programmes in the fields of urban environment, social and technical infrastructure, poverty alleviation, education and health. We strongly believe that for the success of any government programs for the urban poor, Involving slum communities, especially woman, in the planning and implementation of sustainable slum improvement measures is a must . For a sustainable urban development concept, CFSD is committed to facilitate participatory approach encompassing slum dwellers, govt organizations, NGO`s and the private sector.

CFSD works with women, youth and children. In the urban areas savings and credit program is being run through formation of Women Self Help Groups . To make them economically self reliant we also encourage them to start income generation activities by giving them livelihood trainings and tying up with banks for loans at lower interest rates. We also link them with other government schemes which are available for the urban poor in co-ordination with the Social welfare department and Women and Child Development department.

To improve the employability of rural and urban youths from BPL families, CFSD is working at the grass root in partnership with government, private firms and NGOs to identify and train these youths and help them to get better jobs. This program with the youth is targeted towards economically weaker sections and is an important component of the anti-poverty program implemented through Govt initiatives.