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About CFSD


CFSD supports an integrated development approach for the improvement of living conditions in the slums by convergence of various local initiatives, national and regional programmes in the fields of urban environment, social and technical infrastructure, poverty alleviation, education and health. We strongly believe that for the success of any government programs for the urban poor, involving slum communities, especially woman, in the planning and implementation of sustainable slum improvement measures is a must . For a sustainable urban development concept, CFSD is committed to facilitate participatory approach encompassing slum dwellers, govt. organizations, NGO`s and the private sector.


CFSD works with on issues of land rights of slum dwellers in close coordination with the urban local body .Mapping the slums and conducting socio economic survey’s of slum dwellers ,collecting their eligibility documents and submitting to the government to process their sale deeds.

CFSD works extensively in the field of environment .Under the Clean India campaign , CFSD works on issues of municipal solid waste management. Creating awareness on waste segregation, home composting techniques and integrating waste pickers into the solid waste management system of the government is the focus. CFSD has been instrumental in enumerating the waste pickers and other informal sector engaged in waste management and have also facilitated in providing them with ID cards from the ULB.

CFSD is working on implementing the Air Action plan under the National Clean Air program. Coordinating with the ULB , creating an awareness on impact of Air pollution on the health of people through effective communication tools like the installing “lung billboard” , conducting various research programs to study the  impact of air pollution like installing low cost sensors in schools and monitoring the air quality and conducting a research to study the impact of fly ash pollution and water pollution around the thermal power plant in Nagpur and organising public campaigns to study the impact of air pollution on health and environment .CFSD advocates for right to clean air.


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