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Pattewatap (Tenure rights) Program and Urban Slum Development Program

CFSD supports an integrated development approach for the improvement of living conditions in the urban slums. The focus areas for the urban development includeurban environment, housing and physical infrastructure, poverty alleviation, education and health.Under the banner of the Integrated Development approach the slum dwellers are encouraged to participate in the planning and implementation of sustainable slum improvement measures. For a sustainable urban development concept CFSD is committed to facilitate participatory approach encompassing slum dwellers, govt organizations, NGO’s and the private sector.

CFSD is involved in the Urban housing program of the government and is working in close association with the Slum Rehabilitation Authority and Slum Department of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. CFSD helps in mobilizing communities to participate in the government housing scheme. 

CFSD is conducting Plane Table and socio economic surveys in the slums of the city to create an urban data base for the purpose of Notifications and Tenure Rights (“PattaWatap”) program of the slum dwellers. This is being done with the urban local body and other government departments.

List of slums where community mobilization has been done to implement the housing and infrastructure development program of the government

List of slums where pattawatap surveys have been done.

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