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The Patta Watap Program : Giving land tenure to eligible slum-dwellers of Nagpur city

CFSD has conducted mapping exercises (Plane table maps) of slums of the city for the flagship “Pattawatap “program . In all these slums detailed socio economic surveys of the slum dwellers has also been done in order to ensure that they get their ‘Pattas”. CFSD works in close co-ordination with the “Pattawatap cell “ a single window system for theslum dwellers where the maps and surveys are submitted for further processing .

CFSD also works closely with the collectors office (Both nazul and Mehsul departments) under the “Pattawatap Program”.

Coo-ordination with the government agencies, slum dwellers and the local elected representative and local leaders is the key focus of CFSD’s “Pattawatap program”

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