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Grocery kit distribution to Antodaya card holders

Centre for Sustainable Development joined hands with the Collectors office in distribution of grocery kits to the antodaya card holders of Nagpur district through the Public Distribution System.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the lockdown , the poor were left high and dry as they were out of livelihood . Although the government was giving them free ration in the form of rice and wheat, there was an urgent need to provide them with other grocery items to survive during the lockdown.

In a series of meeting with the collectors office, it was decided to provide these families with a free grocery kit which contained food items like, semolina, pressed rice, tea leaves, sugar , oil, biscuits, vegetables, pulses etc . Almost 2 lakh families were provided this support for one month. During this distribution , it was realized that almost 21 thousand families were without any ration cards . These families were also included in the scheme . The collectors office coordinated this project with the help of donations received from industrialists, institutions and individuals which were collected in the account of NGO’s Centre for Sustainable Development and Indian Red Cross Society and District Mineral Fund .

Kits worth 11.5 crores were finally distributed to 2 lakh families in Nagpur District which was a unique project only implemented in Nagpur through the collectors office.
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